Pavilion over water in the Garden of Fire and Water

2012@Komono, Mie Prefecture

The Annex is a pavilion over water in the Garden of Fire and Water at AQUAIGNIS. Initially, when I joined the AQUAIGNIS project, the placement of major buildings was already fixed and there was no plan in place for the water basin and the Annex.  A story was lacking across the entire premises of AQUAIGNIS: there was a need to draw up a concept that would function as a core to integrate the existing elements. Therefore, I proposed a reconstruction of the master plan, with the outdoors at the core. The Annex is the keystone element.

Full view: A stage for seasonal presentations is provided as an overhang over the water basin. Photos by Shigeta Satoshi (all of this page)
Looking from the parking area: Stage view greets the guests. Kataoka Hot Spring to the right.
Looking from the waterfront stage over the water basin: Kataoka Hot Spring behind the Annex.
Strawberry Greenhouse and the restaurant building stand across from each other with the Garden of Fire and Water in between. The Annex was placed as the focal point. This is in the backdrop of the waterfront stage.
Patio in front of the Annex: A slightly enclosed space so that children do not get lost.
Daytime view
Nighttime view