Restaurant Building

The restaurant building at AQUAIGNIS

2012@Komono, Mie Prefecture

The restaurant building at AQUAIGNIS includes pâtissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi’s sweets shop and chef Masayuki Okuda’s Italian restaurant. When I joined the project, the basic architectural design was already finished. With the façade design remaining as the main issue, we sought optimization while formulating a concept that integrates the facilities of AQUAIGNIS.

Photos by Shigeta Satoshi (all of this page)

Façade Design

Expanded metal is used for the façade to create a double skin cladding. While using the semicircular arches in the original design, a passage of light and breeze is provided by cutting the corners with the repeated same pattern. In order to strike a better balance and alleviate the weightier look of both sides, we devised a new design language in the motif of semicircles and structured a façade by overlapping expanded metal layers. The size of the expanded metal is carefully selected to create a soft impression reminiscent of a pâtisserie or a wedding.


Banquet Hall (now il-ché-cciano)

Confiture H