Bean sweets shop

2011@Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

The main shop of fève, a bean sweets brand founded by pâtissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi, is situated in Jiyugaoka. This new brand develops confectionery using beans as ingredients. The chef initially envisioned showcasing the products in test tubes. 
We therefore proposed handmade glass tubes with subtle variations. The concept was to infuse a warmth of handcraft into the uniformity of test tubes when beautifully exhibiting the unique bean sweets made from a variety of beans like an art piece. Using these glass tubes as a centerpiece, we planned out the shop with fixtures and interior design. 

The sign facing the street is modest, with an entrance shaped to guide the passers-by’s eyes to the walls lined with glass tubes. Then we placed the interior decor on the back wall of the shop with the intention to draw eyes from the street far into the depth of the shop. With such visual guidance, we aimed to create a façade that works as a sequence instead of letting the shop assimilate into the group of cluttered and overflowing signs on the street. We hope to contribute to the townscape by opening up the shop to the street as if another alley has emerged.

Tamagawa Takashimaya Shop

2011@Tamagawa Takashimaya (no longer exists)

Tamagawa Takashimaya Shop carries Waraku Beniya’s Japanese confectionery and fève’s bean sweets. Here, we attempted to create the impression of the space being a plaza by including variations in the plotting in the underground floor of the department store aligned with showcases, using sculpture-like fixtures in the motif of azuki beans.


2012@TOKYO SKYTREE (no longer exists)